Chalk – How To Become A Recluse

1. Emptiness

Got to be a part of the emptiness
nod at what you hold dear as my pelvis moves near
Got to be a part of the gluttony
eat my family and home until no muscle just bone
Got to be apart of the evilness
beat my kids black and blue because what else can I do ?
Got to be apart of the meaningless
here’s a band that I found they’re so underground
Got to be a part of the vanity
gonna burn up my skin until they call next of kin
A twatter pic of bugs drowning in tea
or a selfie at sea put to use this degree
then they’ll know its me
You don’t need to apart you are the king of the emptiness.
I don’t need to be apart I am the king of the emptiness.

2. Try

Follow me through bushes on this land
the sweating grip of love against my hand
i’m told to follow you and think but don’t ask questions
because there are no real answers there all exceptions
And on your way don’t forget that
it’s a fall to soak up us all
the tide pull us out to see the sea
the concrete we’ve poured upon our feet
trembling and terrified talking
communication’s caught me out again
I sit to just spend a while laughing
at the inappropriate face you just made
running from the rain through muddy fields
the sun comes out our youth begins to heal
jumping on the stepping stones so light
we’re so tired we stare into the night

3. A Withered Collapse Of A Cleaned Out Character

if there’s no sound will anybody notice?
A speech with no heart, i’ll claim its out of context
but when does, the balance feel right
when it’s too late to tell
A happy soul without happiness at all
And it’s fleeting
I can’t forget that i’m a nobody
i’m clean out of character, a withered collapse
if it’s done, it’s certainly not clear
when it snaps its a storm it’s a surge it’s a tear, it’s so fitting
with this infection we rot
without affection it’s meaningless
This body this soul weren’t meant for this alone
And it’s fleeting
I can’t forget that i’m a nobody
doubting motives, considered moves
And it’s fleeting
I can’t forget that i’m a nobody
terror by no influence
And it’s fleeting
And I’m feeling
more ashamed than I was before

4. Our Town

5. Slept With A Knife

Can we just have a quiet night for once
do we have to do the tired routine
were you get mad and I feel sick
and you smile and I fall out
of love a bit more every time you scream
we don’t need this just please get clean
So now you’re out I’m stuck home
no, the kids won’t feed themselves
but just worry about yourself
you have fun, return in the middle of the night
to smash up the whole house then let’s fight
Don’t come home
understating moderation
undertaking expectations
just don’t come home
It’s too much work for one person
needs forget their purpose
the end is near i’m certain
when you wake up, I won’t be here
your future is in distance
a jaded and slow existence
Don’t come home
Insert some meaning, if it’s needing
tell them you left, but i am pleading
don’t come home
Because love has gone was long time ago
so let me sleep
you destroyed my life so I slept with a knife

6. Everyone’s Problem, No One’s Problem

Throwing out everything that’s confused and making room for you
With this love there’s less to do and less to ruin
Misses and juniors were always in the way
Escape with my love but she’ll pay
I’m a man of money so I bought someone else’s dreams
I just can’t help, these facts and figures won’t just take care of themselves
We’re out of time, mother always said buy low sell high
They’re working to the bone to clear their payday loans
The rule book is still in play just in a pyramid way
We’re talking empires of empires and liars for liars
We’ve got a vacancy for you it’s in the firing crew
I’m a man of money so I stole someone else’s hope
I just can’t help this selfish being made it by himself
We’re out of line but these gutless shits accepted that this is life
What would your mother say
What would your father say
What would your brother do
We’re so proud of you
One must be terse, if the facts say jones was worse, then it must be worse
But I just don’t care, no one said this world must be fair

7. There are Certain Things I Haven’t Told You

8. A Song For A Friend

We’ll have a drink to work out where we are
a detuned tone, as the night will go on and on
it’s all safe, beating round the bush we’re not willing to break
to get in touch, this all about just getting fucked
Sway out the room to a deep meaning tune
no silence was praised, spit to speech is how we were raised
music get slow, we burst into an even tone
still nothings said, hearts of led but the bloods still red
we depart, this evening felt like a work of art
its never enough
It’s goodbye my friend
fuck theses loose ends I can’t forget you but I can pretend
that you left in hope but you left me choked
you were meant for some much more then hanging from a bedroom door
But I love you still and always will
My friend.

9. He Stole

You’re safe as long as you dont move
Just shut your eyes for a second or two
reverting to another time another place
unpeel your eyes to a smile upon it’s face
is this affection or is this a desecration
this mood she can’t interpret
so this is your little secret
I bet he thought, you wouldn’t remember
You were just too young and he’s your elder
he stole
returning to the scene
just wishing you could dream
you’re an empty vessel to hold
an emptier heart and soul
I bet you thought that, you deserved it
you were just too young for all of this shit
he stole
he made you feel like, you were worthless
You were just too young to even confess
he stole
I bet you thought that, you deserved this
he made you feel like, you were worthless
he just took, and you were needing
for flesh and blood not wrong and seedy
he stole.

10. I Don’t Care

Eric there’s nothing written around you so I am left assume you weren’t always this way
Was it lack of attention or we’re never mentioned as a friend in your family, who knows
Eric so long, you were forgettable because you were quiet and reserved
So you want to be a model but no one wants to see you and you know thats not nice
because hairs reseeding and humanistic feelings are fleeing so lets cut split and splice
Luka you’re wrong you don’t get what you get just because you don’t get to deserve
what you don’t deserve
If you don’t like the reflection don’t look in the mirror
just pick a persona and become a killer

11. It’s Fine

Silva on scars, beats drinking at bars
Slide to the curves, all interests reserved
how could anyone ever look at this, this way
this mind’s in a bind
It’s fine
A hand full of hair, no resistance is there
Just a fucked up face, body’s all misplaced
there’s not much left it’s barely waste
If i’m kept here to pine
Then it’s fine
It’s a war against so much more
It’s a war against nothing at all
All the love that I couldn’t feed upon
Because I don’t even like me, I could never stand me
All the room that there never was
You’re still scratching inside me, clogging my arteries

12. Your Twisted Up Tale

You say you’re damaged good
but we are all about as damaged as you
sorry if these vibes seem confused
but this figure’s got attachments to fuse
pull in close to see there are no lines
unintoxicated deceiving is fine
your hairs, the last, thing on my mind
when everyone takes their share
you’ve left and life seems bare
you don’t think you’re deserving of
anyone elses love
you don’t want to break me up
but its your body and brain thats corrupt
chemicals and you in a feud
then you become unglued
as your weakened heart pumps blood around
It accepts that it’s movements are bound
to a creature that no longer remains
medicated in your tangled up viens
but will it be worth its weight?
theres doom that waits at home
with the ticks and tocks you’ll never be alone
calculate the night
before the scratches and scars get there invite
well aren’t you the web you spun?
who’s fucked up life, is fucking everyone
Just get out of here
I wish I could’ve made him stay
I just hope you’re happy someday
I wish something would make you change
your vacant verve and heart of rage

13. You Are Dead

The longer the wait the more is put down to fate the swelling persists on the optic nerve
a shock down the spine checks if you’re still alive the bodies tempo forgets to serve
us with our favourite beat hands grip to the seats jaw loses tension and drops towards the bed
skull moves rapidly machines stop to breath with nothing but regrets
you are dead

14. We Should Go To The Funeral Because Then We Can Say We Were There

We lost a good man today
you muster up some worn out cliches
but class we know you were naughty in school
as the stage show played out you made him the fool
but you did your part you’ve now done all you could
I mean, you liked a status that said he was good
You don’t know what he like or he hated
couldn’t handle your shit by yourself
So you pushed and you pulled, now your twisted
but you’ve got to live with yourself
and bow.
social for social or pig headedly vain
both equates to sympathy so it’s all the same
(we’re dying for attention to feed this egos brain)
friends, good friends you should be ashamed
you spat on his grave with every coffeed claim
but you were so close i’m sure you did all you could
I mean, you nailed yourself to your own chunk of wood
What happened to your five leaf clover
As you’re whimpering wolf in the muck
Your name begins to lose meaning
while you snivel and squeal now you’re fucked
You thought “this nightmare would be over”
I hoped you would shut the fuck up
I guess we’re both out of luck

Chalk – Chalk

1. No One’s Listening – 2’25’’

Got all these things to say but I can’t say a thing
Got all these voices telling me the same
Wish I could disappear but I keep being seen
And now these options aren’t looking good for me
I’m down and out but so are you
You say that things got a little dark before
Don’t tell anyone but I’m the same as you
You say that hope dragged you down before
Don’t hope any more and hurt can’t touch us
Got all this stuff to scream but nothing’s coming out
Got lost in thoughts that once I was about
They take their time but I’m leaving now
You can tell by whispers no one’s listening
Got all these things to say but no one’s listening.

2. Stinted Verse – 2’57’’

The walls are coming in
But you’re just craving for it
You’re welcome to what I have
A timed delay
Excuse what I say
My company is not what it used to be
A passing thing
Your feelings leak through your skin
Attention has gone amiss
But you can’t take this loneliness
So get wrapped up in the arms of another
So you’ll know that you are not alone
You’re brave and bold but nothing on your own.

3. Somebody’s Home – 3’44’’

I lost all the high notes because I was perfecting the lows
Got in a tangle with shouting but I was just trying it out
A piece of wisdom is lost when your mentor won’t hit the ground
Direction hard to place
Ear to the floor
Stumbling for the bass
Got a lot to show for nothing
Got a story to tell for nothing
The lights are off but somebody’s home
Trying not to be hurt by your sick little game
We both miss who you used to be so stop kidding yourself
Fight against the grain because god forbid if you weren’t unique
You’ve lost it all now but your tongue will keep you at peace
Keep your sad little face to yourself
Got a lot to show for nothing
Got a story to tell but we’re nothing.

4. You Really Thought You Had A Chance At Getting Out of Here – 3’53’’

Don’t need to know names
Just need to understand how they work
It’s a judgement call and I am calling you out
The lines that I say with no feeling are the lines that I wish had no meaning
When all my stories have been told I’ll have nothing interesting to say
Another terrible thought that you hoped you would grow out of
My personality’s getting stale and my disappointed brain keeps failing
Stare into your empty head
Your eyes say look at me instead
I need to provoke an emotion or she’s out
We’re both estranged
We won’t break range
Another lip movement from that face and I’m sold
This nervous fumbling is exhausting
Do I pretend this is me or ignore it?
Your half-filled compliments
Your attempts to look sexy
You’re bashfully Ignorant at all the things you can’t perceive
But these lines in self-pity are useless if there’s no one there to care.

5. All These Things – 4’03’’

I walked into town and just sat around
Tried to have a second to myself
But that never helps
Lives rushing by
I stare to my side
Keep it together
I struggle to be strong
And admit when I’m wrong
But that’s just how it works
I see all these things I could be
But today I’m just happy in my misery
We can work around getting lost in this town
We don’t need maps when I’ve got a plan
Lights turned on out of land
Spent time guessing
Sentences ahead
What was wrong
What was dead
Happy in these Games
So we’ll play
Take your time
You’re thinking
We’re going to need some work
We can work around getting lost in this town
I don’t need your help
I was fine on my own
I see all these things I could be
But it’s not me.

6. In Your Suit – 1’44’’

Days are the pace while all the old boys run around
You’re stuck on watch
Clinging on to the look out
Your rage passes by
You’re glued to your eyes the mirror tries
To show who you are
To show where it went wrong
You’re stuck in this phase
Waking to find a loss to your suit
A crack to your skull
You don’t look the same
You won’t be the same
Patching with cloth to cover your shame
You’ve lost your frame
Royalty to chef and it’s just you left.

Side 2

7. Why Do We Have To Get Along – 2’19’’

We’re all allowed opinions
But it’s fine to pass judgement from here
So I’ll bow out
Because I’m playing nice when it’s right
Sarcastic smiles
But why do we have to get along
Missing placing the conversation.

8. Missing – 3’33’’

You’ll sink in and we’ll forget why you had to leave
You’ll surface up some empathy and we’ll never know
Biding time while levelling lines which you’ve crossed before
Hold it down you’ll be around for many years to come
Shut your eyes
Hold your lips
Let’s not talk again
Forget what I say
Somehow feels like I’m missing out
Feels like something is missing and somehow I’m missing out
Tops of hills you’ll sit until we’re coming for the save
The nick of time you’ll be just fine
But wonder why you lie
You’re worked out by workings out
Faltered at the start
Look around it’s crumbling down
This feeling’s yet to pass
No need to explain
It was all in vain
Fallen friends.

9. Oh, Charlotte – 1’43’’

Oh Charlotte
Where did you go?
I had you next to some old photos
But you discovered a friend in dye
And chemically burned out our goodbye
Oh Charlotte
We never had a chance
I had down points for your incessant love for dance
You loved a drink and I hated your fads
You were happy when all I wanted was to be sad
Once you’ve found you,
I’ll find me.

10. Everything But This – 3’09’’

This doesn’t relate to what we are about
Or did I miss the point
Sunken inside
I’ve lost this fight with me by my side
I’m not feeling different but I don’t feel the same
In between comfort and insecurity
If anything can make this better it’s open air
If anything can make this work it’s everything but this
Good things don’t stick
Because I’m too proud to listen to the moans and the groans
I could tag along but I lost the invite and you’ve lost me
I can’t make this better
I can make this work
I can’t make this better
I just make things worse.

11. Next To Useless – 2’08’’

What’s with this blank expression?
Can’t find the words to change it
My mood and mind is feeling lost
Losing the will to try again
Sitting up to sit back down
I can’t get used to this sense of uselessness
Pulling every fibre out
Trying to pin down
My only use is useless
You said “I’ll wait til’ you’re better”
But I have no intention to wait for you
You sleep while I am frightened
Where is my life going to?
I’m told that “this will all work out” and “stop pretending love is lost”
If smiles were half as easy as lies I’d brighten up your day
And I’m hoping this all works out
Because I’m slipping through you
You’re gripping to me
And I’m content with being like that
Because you’re changing faces
In different places
Stop with these questions
You’re no exception to the rule
But you can see a human being in me.

12. Today is Not That Day – 5’17’’

What point was the start and when does it end
Because these ties are keeping me down
What parts make it art and when does it become
Just a boy crying “woe is me”
The dreams we once had tore us in half
We’ll nurse that with a dose of remembrance
The elite build us up with hopes of beauty
While we stare at how ugly we’ve become
But the cracks in this discourse are playing havoc with my hands
And the spill trickles down swamped and discouraged to the teeth
And we begin to think “there must be more to it than this”
We’re all giving in too and push to fill the need
But can’t break through
The grey parts we’ll forget and regrets just become
The punch lines to our ever-confusing jokes
We were tongue tied at first, now we’re losing and cursed
But I’m sure that things will be alright
Times are getting tough and it’s killing both of us
Are we going to be alright?
But at some point we’ll give up and accept what we’re dealt
But settling is not set in our stone
I’m hung and swung
I’m dead done.